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The 2022 "Next Generation Evo Pro Trotter"

The choice of Professional trainers world wide.

 They come standard with everything you need to help bring your dog to it's peak performance and keep track of how your k9 athlete is progressing. The wireless remote control elevation adjustments allow you to keep your k9 athlete right in the maximum stress zone without ever disturbing the workout. Raise the track from 0 to 4" to pick up the pace or combine with a harness and add a little resistance with the adjustable disc braking system to simulate hill climbing. Add the "Pacemaker package"  and you have the most advanced and versatile K9 conditioning machine on the planet.

Included Features on

all 2022 Next Gen Evo Pro's:

  • The All new Next Generation Chassis is incredibly stable and has 4 rubber feet on the ground at all times except when picked up from the rear to move.
  • Extended track rails give 20% more adjust-ability so that you can safely place the dog exactly where you need them. This added length is great for table training also.
  • Built in kickstand allows the Trotter to safely be stood up on end to store away (with sides removed) taking up less than 1/3 of the space.
  • Remote Control Track Elevation. The all new elevation system is more stable than past models and includes lift lock levers for more side to side stability.
  • 12 Function Digital Speedometer.
  • All new heavy duty Disc Braking System with adjustable resistance.
  • All new Micro Adjustable belt tracking.
  • 10" Disc Rollers.
  • ABEC 9 roller bearings.
  • All new slant back Evo sides and Risers with clear plexi glass.
  • All new Track Lock System. Used to immobilize the track for grooming or training purposes.


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  • Medium Prices & Specs

    49"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.) 59" overall length.

    12" or 14" wide  Running surface.

    Good for dogs up to 70 lbs that fit safely between the

    front and rear axles. Price - 3699.00

  • Large Prices & Specs

    61" axle to axle (Safe running zone) 71" overall length.

    14" wide running surface.

    Good for dogs up to 95 lbs that fit safely between the

    front and rear axles. Price - 4399.00

  • "Max" Specs

    67"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.) 77" overall length.

    Extra track roller set in the middle to support very large dogs.

    16" wide composite running surface.

    Good for dogs up to 170 lbs that fit safely between the

    front and rear axles. Price - 4999.00