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The 2020 "Evo Pro"  slat mills are the most advanced slat mills on the planet.  They come standard with everything you need to help bring your dog to it's peak performance and keep track of how your k9 athlete is progressing. The wireless remote control elevation adjustments allow you to keep your k9 athlete right in the maximum stress zone without ever disturbing the workout. Raise the track from 0 to 4" to pick up the pace or combine with the safety harness and add a little resistance with the adjustable disc braking system to simulate hill climbing.


Evo Pro Trotter

Included Features on

all 2020 Evo Pro's:

  • Remote Control Track Elevation.
  • 12 Function Digital Speedometer.
  • Disc Braking System with adjustable resistance.
  • Micro Adjustable belt tracking.
  • 10.5" Disc Rollers.
  • ABEC 9 roller bearings.
  • All new slant back Evo sides and Risers with clear plexi glass.
  • Built in Kick Stand.
  • Track Lock System.



  • Medium Prices & Specs

    49"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.)

    59" overall length.

    12" or 14" wide  Running surface.

    Good for 20 to 85 lb dogs.

    Price - 2799.00

  • Large Prices & Specs

    61" axle to axle (Safe running zone).

    71" overall length.

    14" wide running surface.


    Good for dogs up to 95 lbs

    Price - 3299.00

  • "Max" Specs

    The "Max" mills are built to handle dogs over 100 lbs.  They are custom built to size for specific breeds.

    Everything about them is heavier duty to support very large dogs including an extra row of rollers down the middle to support heavy dogs.

    The average price of this unit is  400.00 to 500.00 above the price of the large size for the respective models.

    Please request a quote for your breed by clicking the red link at the bottom of this page.

Standard Features on

all  Dog Trotters

  • Solid aluminum axles.
  • All anodized aluminum chassis.
  • Free spinning track rails.
  • ABEC 9 precision bearings.
  • Composite Plastic Slat Belt with anti skid surface.
  • Fully adjustable tethering system.
  • 8 " Dolly wheels for mobility.
  • Full 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Comes Fully Assembled.