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"Next Generation" Classic Trotter

The all new "Next Gen Trotters" have been totally redesigned for 2022 and beyond. They are more reliable and user friendly than ever before.

 The "Next Gen Classic Trotter" is our basic slat mill. It is a no frills yet high quality alternative to the "Pro Series" slat mills and now is easily upgraded all the way to Evo Pro.   Built with the same  1.5" x 3" anodized aluminum chassis and ABEC 9 roller bearings and composite slat belt as the Pro Series Trotters.

The "Classic" Trotter is built with the same care and craftsmanship that goes into every "Dog Trotter". The Classic Trotter carries a 90 day warranty on all parts and labor.

The "Classic" Trotter is available in 3 standard sizes or can be custom built to fit you specific needs.

Standard Features on

The Next Gen "Classic Trotter"

  • Smooth quiet operation with many user friendly features for a safe, pleasant and worry free experience for you and your dog.
  • All anodized aluminum chassis is strong and yet light weight and anti corrosive.
  • Adjustable Free spinning Composite track is easily adjusted with the all new Dog Trotter bearing and axle blocks.
  • 10" Roller disc for a smooth free turning track.
  • Removable solid sides and risers makes it easier to transport your Trotter.
  • 6" Dolly Wheels never touch the ground until you pick up the Trotter from the rear. This provides more stability and yet is easily moved from place to place by one person.
  • Sealed ABEC 9 precision roller bearings.
  • Fully adjustable tethering system positions your dog just right for a perfectly safe workout.
  • Smooth PVC side walls for easy cleaning and to help keep your dog focused .
  • 90 day warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Comes Fully Assembled (Except for sides and risers). Can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.


  • Medium Prices & Specs

    49"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.)

    65" overall length.

    12" or 14" wide  Running surface.

    Recommended for dogs up to 70 lbs that fit safely

    between the front and rear axles. Price - 2499.00

  • Large HD Prices & Specs

    61"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.)

    77" overall length.

    14" wide composite running surface.

    Recommended for dogs up to 90 lbs that fit safely

    between the front and rear axles. Price - 2999.00

  • Maxx HD Prices & Specs

    67"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.)

    83" overall length.

    16" wide composite running surface.

    Includes a third row of ABEC 9 track bearings for extra support of very large dogs.

    Recommended for dogs up to 170 lbs that fit safely

    between the front and rear axles. Price - 3699.00

    Available Options:

  • The Pacemaker Package - 1999.00 (installation included if purchased before the Trotter is shipped).
  • Custom Logos - 125.00 (Have your basic logo etched into the sides of your Trotter). Must provide quality graphics or we can work them up for you for an additional fee.
  • Custom powder coating. - 450.00  (Choose any color with this option to add beautiful extra long lasting protection to your Trotter).
  • 12 Function Digital Speedometer. - 99.00
  • (Add for better monitoring and logging).
  • Disc Brake with resistance. -495.00
  • (Adds another level of control, safety and conditioning to your dogs routine workouts)
  • Clear Sides. - 125.00
  • Upright storage kit. - 225.00
  • (Store your Trotter in 24" x 24" of  floor space). Includes side and riser storage.